An anti-bullying event took place on December 1st as the first of several organized by the Middle School Stuco which will happen throughout the school year.

The idea is to get the school ready for the National Anti-Bullying Day on May 4th. The purpose of the first encounter of this year was to engage the students in talking about bullying and acknowledging this is a problem from which we, as an educational community, cannot look away. With this purpose in mind, the MS STUCO members - with the help of the Middle School Counselor Mr. Braga - created activities to motivate the students into opening themselves to the issue.

Mr. Barbosa

MS WSS Teacher

2018-2019 Activities

Photos by Enzo Torres & Valentina Andrada (´22)

2016-2017 Activities

2017-2018 Activities

Video by  Valentina Andrada (´22)

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