OLM at ISCA 2018

 - Ms. Kelly Schreiber - MS English Teacher
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This July, sixteen OLM students traveled to England for a three-week-long summer program, ISCA (Independent Schools Cultural Alliance).  Over the course of the trip, our students learned about British history and visited many of England’s famous sights, including London, Bath, Stonehenge, the HMS Victory, Oxford University, Stratford-Upon-Avon (where Shakespeare lived), Windsor Castle (home to Queen Elizabeth II), and many others.  During our on-campus days, students competed in sports such as cricket, rounders, netball, and fives.  Here’s what our students had to say about the trip:

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This vacation we went to London with a program called ISCA (Independent Schools Cultural Alliance) where we spent the most wonderful 3 weeks. We made many friends from different cultures and countries—from Argentina, Peru, and the United States. We thought that one of the best attractions was the Warner Bros Studio. This was where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Entering the studio was thrilling because we could imagine ourselves walking into the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Once inside the studio, we had the opportunity to learn and experience how the scenes where Harry flew on his broom happened, walkthrough the Forbidden Forest and visit the gigantic Harry Potter themed store at the end.

-Larissa Vilela and Frederico Tavares

This vacation we went to ISCA, where I had the best experience of my life. There I met many people, some of whom I still am in contact with. It was a wonderful experience for OLM to go to London together and I thank Ms. Schreiber and Mr. Braga for helping us throughout the trip.

- Antonio Vieira

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I was always a fan of England and Harry Potter. When Luke, who was the Managing Director, first came to OLM to talk about ISCA, a lot of people were saying it was not worth going. Something that they didn’t know is that it was going to be a memorable experience. These three weeks were worth every single cent. Thank you for making it a miracle in my life!

- Maria Antonia Melo

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I will never forget ISCA!  It was one of the best experiences of my life. During ISCA, I met many people from other places, practiced sports that I never could have imagined exist, experienced wonderful places, and learned many things. I improved my Spanish and my English in the best possible way. These 3 weeks were amazing! Thank you, OLM, for giving me this opportunity!

- Catarina Jurema

ISCA was one of the best trips of my life; I am so thankful for all the friends I made and all the connections throughout the world. We met people from all over the world: Argentina, USA, and Peru. We did improve our English a lot and increased our knowledge of British culture. I am so thankful for all that OLM did to make this trip happen.

- Marianna Araújo

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ISCA was an unforgettable experience! We visited lots of wonderful places, such as: The London Eye, The Warner Bros. Studios, Brighton, Buckingham Palace, Winchester, The Tower of London and much more. During these three weeks we practiced sports, learned about the British culture, made lots of new friends, and improved both our English and Spanish! Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible! We definitely made memories that will last a lifetime.

 - Julia Rocha