The  OLM Yearbook

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end excitement of a yearbook.

Not only entertaining, yearbooks give a memorable account of an entire educational year that is enjoyed even more the older it becomes. It gives students a concrete sense of who they are and connects them to the past with a solid sense of how they have grown and matured over the years.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Class of ´20

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Class of ´18!

2018 Yearbook
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Class of ´17!

2017 Yearbook
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Class of ´16!

2016 Yearbook
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The 2015 YBK uses QR Code - Quick Response Code - which can be seen with any smartphone by simply downloading a QR reader application or a 2D barcode scanner. Scan the image for the video’s link to open.

When viewing the 2015 Yearbook online (link),

you can scan the QR Code directly from

your computer screen.

All you need to do is enlarge

the image and scan it with

your reader application.

2015 Yearbook

Front page: Samuel Munhoz Fernandes Ferreira da Silva ('26)  

& Paula Aguilar Itzaina ('23)

Back page: Mariana Wanderley Silva ('15) & Pedro Sahdo Pompeu ('15)

Some photos of the 2013 & 2014 YBK´s use Aurasma - an augmented reality platform app - which changes the way we see photos. This technology uses smartphone or tablet apps to show printed images with movements, in the form of videos. Download the Aurasma App and follow the Our Lady of Mercy Channel. Place the camera of your smartphone on the photo indicated by an icon of the OLM logo and when the movie starts, double-click on the screen.

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2011 Yearbook
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2010 Yearbook
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